What does it mean to be our partner?
  • Creation of a corporate team on the platform, having come up with any idea to implement the participation of employees. Together, we will figure out how our employees can help children, and most importantly - it will be exciting!
  • Your company can become a general partner of a large annual event, which will gather hundreds of people for one purpose - to support those in need. Contact us and we will send you a presentation.
  • We offer more than just partnership - we offer friendship, warmth and trust.
  • Together we will come up with events, which will be interesting for both line employees and top management.
  • Your employees will become not just volunteers, they will become wizards who could make real social events out of their ideas and hobbies. You will be proud of your colleagues!
  • If you think that the goods or services sold by your company will be useful for the "Wonder Relay", contact us!
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Any questions?

Contact us, we will definitely answer all your questions.